Friday, November 23, 2007

dbqp # 226: Crag Hill and Geof Huth, "Sightings and Hearings"

Creators: Hill, Crag, and Huth, Geof

Title: Sightings & Hearings

Performers: Crag Hill & Geof Huth

Videographer: Nancy Huth

Editor: Tim Huth

Cost: Gratis

Date of Publication: 23 November 2007

Type of Publication: Digital video

Type of Work: Poetry Performance

Physical Description: MPEG-4 file; 271.2 MB; 46 minutes 45 seconds.

Number of copies: 1 & infinite

dbqp number: 226

Notes: This dbqp publication is available for viewing and downloading online, and it is the first-ever fully digital dbqp publication.


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